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‘Lithophane’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘light in stone’. They were very popular in the mid 19th century, mostly made of porcelain. In ambient light, they often look like a vague bumpy picture, but when backlit, they come alive.

Here is an example showing in ambient light vs back lit:

Lithophane Example

Cori Ann’s Lithophanes offers custom lithophanes (from photos you provide).

We can take photos from anyone interested in one (that’s where the process starts) and turn them into Lithophanes.

We are currently offering custom lithophanes for hanging in a window in 4.5×3.25″, 5×7″ and 8×10″. We are also offering 8×10″ lithophanes in a custom red oak box that is back lit with energy efficient lighting that provides a nice even glow. For more information and prices see our ordering/prices page.

These make great Christmas gifts, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Mothers Day gifts, Valentines Day gifts, Baby Shower gifts, personal gifts that memorialize a lost loved one or pet in an everlasting manner and so much more.

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